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Building Your Own Wall Bed Made Easy

Now, you can easily build your own wall bed also known as a Murphy bed with a made in Canada DIY Murphy bed hardware kit.
We made it easy for anyone to create their own custom wall bed simply by buying is a few sheets of wood, some solid wood strips.

You may use any existing mattress allowing you to save even more money and ensuring a comfortable sleep!

How do you Start?

You can start the process by measuring your space to see what size wall bed hardware cabinet is the best fit for your room.

Refer to our dimensions page to choose what size and cabinet orientation is best for you!

Then Order your Murphy bed hardware kit online today!

You will receive your order in 1-5 Business days.



After you place your order and have an order number, you can email us your order number to receive all the guidebooks including the lumber cut lists by email so you can start immediately while your kit is on its way!

This process would take less than 24 hours!

A Wall Bed: A Great Option to Save Space and Create Style

If you live in smaller spaces like condos, apartments, basements, or you want to have a multipurpose room, a Murphy bed can be a great option for you, because a wall bed would allow you to maximize your space and make room for things that are important to you.

A wall bed is a kind of bed that is hidden in a wall. There are different kinds of wall bed models and finishes that you can choose from. Usually, wall bed prices start over $1000 for a cheap one, a high-quality wall bed can cost $3,000-$5,000! If you are familiar with woodworking skills and have some basic tools, you can choose to build your own high-quality wall bed and save a lot of money.

The Murphy beds in the market are made of particle board which is cheaper than plywood and does not last long. As mentioned above, a custom made high-quality wall bed will cost a few thousand dollars. Now, you can build your own wall bed with real plywood and stain it with the color you want in a few days. Our DIY Wall Bed design allows you to build your own wall bed with a few sheets of plywood. Your cost even with the price of our hardware would be between $500-$800!



Why you need a Murphy bed hardware?

A Murphy bed is  made of wood and when a wall bed is built, it will be too heavy to lift, that is why you need to use a Murphy bed Hardware  to reduce the weight of the wall bed, so you can easily open and close it.
Murphy bed hardware is actually a simple mechanism that allows you to open and close your wall bed almost effortlessly! When you attach the hardware to the wooden components according to our instructions, the hardware will counterbalance the weight of the bed frame and mattress and you will be able to move the bedframe up and down without feeling the weight, it;s that simple!

Why a DIY wall bed?

You know that with the price of the land going up every day, builders have to build smaller houses and apartments to keep the prices affordable to the home buyers. If you are living in smaller space, every inch of your space is valuable, so you may want to maximize your space to keep it tidy and organized. Studies have shown that living in a cluttered space will cause stress. So, one way to avoid stress and decluttering is to use space-saving furniture like a Murphy bed.
By using a Murphy bed instead of a regular bed in a room, you can easily make room to do exercise, painting, sewing, playing or other activities in the day time and you can turn the same space to a bedroom at night for yourself or an occasional guest.

Where you can use a wall bed?

Murphy bed can be used almost anywhere that space is an issue. Obviously for a few thousand square feet houses using a wall bed may not be necessary, but if you live in a bachelor or basement apartment, of if you use the second room of your apartment as an office, but still want be able to host an occasional guest, or if you want to fit everybody comfortably in a cottage, a wall bed will be the best option for you.
The real happiness is the time you spend with your family and friends! A Murphy bed would allow you to have friends and family over, without you sacrificing your living space or them sacrificing their sleep by sleeping on a couch or an uncomfortable sofa.
Murphy beds are best concept to use for smaller spaces such as: smaller homes, apartments, condos, bachelor units, lofts, cottages, basements, and any other place that there is a limitation of space.

Who can Build a wall bed using a Murphy Bed Hardware?

 A do it yourself project is not for everybody! It is for people who are familiar with the basic woodworking skills and are ready to put some time and effort aside  to build a Murphy bed, keep in mind that this  project also requires a few basic wood working tools.

So, if you don’t have woodworking experience or any  interests in woodworking, do not even think about it! By offering our construction guide for FREE and tutorial videos online we have made it easy for you to make a decision to see if this is a right project for you. 

We don’t recommend this project for a newbie, but if you love woodworking,  you can do some parts of the project yourself, that you think is easy for you and ask a handy friend to help you with the rest. The assembly of a Murphy bed hardware requires a helper.

Depending on your level of woodworking skills building a wall bed using a  Murphy bed hardware requires between 15-20 hours of work for some one with average woodworking skills. If you have done a few small woodworking projects, and you are determinant to dedicate the time and effort for this project, you will be able to build your own Murphy bed by investing a few hours a week to get it done!

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Download Our Construction Guide for FREE

We offer our construction guide FREE to download, so before you purchase any of our kits, you can how the process of building a wall bed works.  This way you can see if you have all the tools and the required basic woodworking skills for this project. If you are hiring a carpenter or asking a friend who has more woodworking skills make sure that the timing is right for both of you to do the project.


I just wanted to say thank you very much for your assistance with this project. It turned out great.

With your support and excellent product/comprehensive step by step instructions, I came up with an excellent space-saving product. I look forward to doing it again.

 Thank you once again for your patience and assistance.


Wayne Lystiuk

Orleans, Ontario

Very easy to build and a great set of instructions. The only dimension that I would change is the Cabinet top rear Part Gc. It suggests 2 ½” wide. If made this width it would stick up by ¼”. This would make putting a top of the unit difficult. I caught this and cut it to 2 ¼ so everything was flush on the top of the unit. I made tops so they looked like dressers.The project went very well and we are very happy with the result.

Ross Smith

State Place Holder, Calgary, Alberta

This was one project that I really enjoyed and was given the freedom to start and actually finish the project without having 3 more to start!!

Your project’s instructions were by far the very best that I have used to put anything together. I’m attaching a couple of photos of the finished project.


Mark Manning

British Columbia